Corona labs Dilbert game jam

I got this email from Corona Labs and being an animation fan and a Dilbert fan .. thought I could help out!

Recently laid off from a game company? Dilbert and Corona Labs have created a competition to see who can create the best Dilbert cross platform mobile game. So, as an incentive to help out the indie game developer, every recently laid-off developer will receive a free one-year subscription to Corona SDK Pro just for entering the competition.


Under this competition, the only thing a developer needs to bring is his or her creativity. Corona Labs will provide everything needed to create the mobile game, including the Dilbert artwork and an easy-to-use 2D gaming engine platform for developers of all skill levels.


It’s an opportunity for game developers – professional and aspiring – to showcase their creativity and skills using an internationally recognized brand.


The winning game will be personally selected by the creator of Dilbert – Scott Adams – and potentially featured by a major phone manufacturer. Corona Labs will also be giving away ten 1-year Corona SDK Pro subscriptions, each valued at $599 and smaller prizes like iTunes gift cards as awards.


Developers can sign up for free here:  Corona labs Dilbert game jam