Big Data and Telecoms – what happens when Telecom Operators can profit from data they hold ..

Image source:  Telegraph/ALAMY

Big Data and Telecoms will be a key focus of our work on the OpenGardens blog

Why is Big Data for Telecoms important?

Three stories point to a changing world, in which Mobile Operators can profit from the big data they hold.

1)  The Telegraph and Business Insider report that information on 17 million mobile phone users in UK will be sold to corporations wishing to advertise their products and services on the internet.

2) Weve – a venture set up by 3 mobile giants: Vodafone, O2 and EE – will pool together data on individual mobile users to help their corporate clients  launch targeted ads on mobile internet sites and apps. This service could trigger huge profits for mobile operators. Weve insists that the information being used is completely anonymous.

3) On the other side of the Atlantic, FierceWireless reports that AT&T  is also following suit of other internet giants and may start selling anonymous information about its customers’ wireless and Wi-Fi locations, U-verse usage, website browsing, mobile application usage and other information to other businesses. AT&T’s plans differ from other companies in that AT&T is the only major carrier in US that has fully integrated extensive wireless and wireline businesses.

Collectively, these three announcements point to “winds of change” for Telecoms Operators

Mobile Data has always been then hidden asset for Telecoms but they were so far – unable to leverage it – mainly due to regulatory reasons.

That seems to be changing as we see here .. and thats why Big Data for Telecoms will be critical going forward

Story 1:  Mobile giants to profit from data they hold on millions of phone customers

Story 2:  3 Mobile Phone Giants Want To Sell Customers’ Data To Banks

Story 3:  AT&T prepping sale of customers’ anonymous location information and Web, app usage data