Book review – Mobile marketing – an hour a day by Rachel Pasqua and Noah Elkin











Last month, I read the book Mobile marketing – an hour a day by Rachel Pasqua and Noah Elkin - from the perspective of a user – in an attempt to understand Mobile marketing for my start-up feynlabs. My goal was to find a book which was simple enough for others in our team to read but also detailed enough to be practically useful. Hence, the choice of this book.

In reading it, I have also got to know the authors Rachel and Noah and I invited them to the first ever online discussion at the new group at forumoxford (Oxford University – next generation mobile applications panel – which I co-chair)  (which I recommend you join  on linkedin – its free)

Here are my comments about this book

1) The format is simple (hour a day) which makes it readable

2) The early chapters are full of detailed stats which help set the stage

3) The book takes you through a practical set of steps – in other words, its a very good checklist – hence useful in itself

4) The authors suggest a new set of  4Ps – (portability, Preference, Presence and Proximity) – in contrast to the old 4Ps (Product Price Promotion Place).

This leads to their wider view (which I agree) that “Well, more than ever, mobile technologies are just the tools that help us create the kinds of real-time, hyper-relevant experiences that will resonate with our audience. As we liked to say, multiple channels, multiple devices, multiple locations—one connected brand.”

So, in a nutshell – I recommend it.
Anything I don’t agree with? A minor perspective – if you follow the book logically – you would start with SMS – that I do not agree :) i.e. today SMS is a part of the mix but not a starting point