O2 tu-go – truly disruptive because it allows you to take your number out of the phone – I am not a number I am a tag

This is the future! Rarely have I put an entire ad on the OpenGardens blog – but this could be truly disruptive
This is the kind of innovation Operators should be doing!
May even cause me to switch from Voda :)
PS I have no commercial relationship with O2.

See the ad above

This is the first of the two innovative services from Telefonica(other being the Firefox OS- Mozilla announcement) a separate blog on that soon

Tu-go adds value to the customer and solves the ‘network effect problem’ because  Tu Go deducts charges from the user’s existing call minutes. In contrast, Skype and others involve the purchase of credit. Also, both parties do not need to have it – only the calling party.

Interestingly, Tony fish and I predicted this in 2005/2006 in our book Mobile Web 2.0 when we put forward the idea that I am not a number – I am a tag.  and its now really true :)

I am pleased about this!