Deusto Business School – Masters in Business Innovation

I was contacted by the Deusto Business School, University of Deusto about their new MBI program in partnership with the Cambridge Judge Business school. I am somewhat familiar with Spanish MBA programs.  One of the students I mentor from Brazil studied in a Madrid based eMBA – and then went on to greater things in her native Brazil. Also, because of feynlabs, I have been covering education here – especially the evolution of education (which is happening globally)

You can see more in the orientation video.

So, my review of this program is in the context of how education models are evolving especially in a recession

This particular program (Masters in Business Innovation) is aligned to the Judge Business School in the UK which is well known.  So, in that sense, the structure itself is internationally recognised.

From an innovation standpoint, it is not a traditional program and it allows you to combine education and work and one of the goals is to take a good idea to innovation.

According to their program outline – “Another unique feature of the MBI is that it allows you to develop you own innovation project as an entrepreneur, or an innovation project for your company. Do it throughout the programme, with the tutoring and coaching you need. The Programme is designed for executives who are interested in Creating new markets and Adopting new business models

In this sense, it could be a new trend where a company or entrepreneur could essentially ‘outsource’ an innovation project in an MBA format – combining education in a very practical