Victor Keegan’s Gems of London app

Victor Keegan has been a forumoxford speaker for a few years now .. and also an inspiration to many in the community.

His first app was City Poems – which he discussed at a forumoxford event about two years ago. You can see more about it in the Guardian review for city poems 

Following on from the City Poems application, he has been developing the Gems of London  app. With Gems of London, as with City Poems, Victor is sticking to the original aim i.e. “to try to create apps as cheaply as possible as a template for others – particularly youngsters for whom selling from a back room to a potential global audience with no middlemen (apart from the Apple Shop) is is a potential source of employment for the future”

Victor says:

There are lots of books about unusual parts of London but hardly any apps for mobile phones which people carry with them wherever they go. Gems of London, hopes to fill this gap by enabling anyone with an iPhone (or iPad or iPod Touch) to know how many yards they are from over 100 curiosities of the capital. They include a cafe/art gallery only open two days a week where you may have to ring a bell to get in like a Speakeasy, the site of the world’s first circus and a church the crypt  of which is part of a Tube station and whose slave-driving pastor wrote the hymn “Amazing Grace”. You won’t find St Paul’s Cathedral or the Tower of London here. We look down alleys and seek buried ruins or pubs and cafes with a tale to tell – all available at the touch of a screen on your mobile phone. And all for 69p.London

Gems has been very well received ( and reviewed in the Apple Store) getting mentions in the Guardian and the Evening Standard.

The initial launch was entirely through social media. One mention by a heavy Tweeter generated nearly 150 sales on the day.
For more information or interviews please email Victor.Keegan at