The start-up fiscal cliff .. – As the Godfather would say – It has nothing to do with business ..

I expect more of this …

Business insider has a great story on startups running out of cash ..

I agree to this 100%

The current investment/VC culture is based on ‘flipping’ i.e. selling off a company in a few years.
If you work backwards from the ‘sale’ – that needs a certain specific growth trajectory  - which in turn needs a series of (increasing) funding  rounds ..
This, as the famous quote in Godfather 2 (Hyman Roth) would say ‘It has nothing to do with business’   (and in my view – everything to do with outdated VC business models)
I expect a VERY large number of startups will face their own fiscal cliff when they cannot raise beyond series A and seed ..
This is one of the issues we will be discussing in the next forumoxford event – Mobile startups- making UK the next silicon valley - especially the panel from Tony, Jouko, Russell and Muriel moderated by Peggy
At the crux is a simple but profound question: Who should dictate growth rates – customers or investors? 
We have a great line-up of speakers and limited seats .. If you are attending .. please sign up fast
Image source – business insider