Hire Space – collaborative social consumption

Due to my own work with feynlabs, I have been following social enterprises .. and here is an interesting one ..

Hire Space is in the same class as AirBnB and others that take advantage of an un-utilized resource(collaborative consumption).

The idea is simple:

Hire Space is an East London based Collaborative Consumption website, working to help schools, community spaces, and small businesses hire out their underused meeting rooms, dance studios, halls and sports facilities. Opening up these spaces to local communities and giving these important institutions a substantial new revenue stream.

Hire Space claim to have signed up more than 400 venues and have also got coverage in the BBC

I asked Hire Space as to how they were a social enterprise (ie the social component) and they said : “Our focus on schools means we offer those with a high percentage of Free School Meals (4-10%) a half rate of commission, ensuring accessibility, furthermore, we plan to use data from the Index of Multiple Deprivation to offer further discounts.”

Overall, this is a great idea .. and I follow it with interest