Changify – Your local change platform – fix your city and have fun doing it ..

Changify is a platform to get public and brand backing for local ideas, improvements and projects, people-powered data gathering and rating of things you notice at street level. I heard of Changify from Priya Prakash’s talk at forumoxford. Because of my interest in Smart cities, I was interested in this approach

Their walks ex their first such outing are a setting for a night of discovery, data collection and real-time analysis…

During the walks, the participants gained insight into the past and current local context of the neighbourhood.

In addition to gaining insights about the city, the groups turn roving citizen-reporters.

They photographed and tweeted local issues, inspirations and brands spotted en route, chalking their ratings in situ, and collating data to discuss, map and rate when everyone returned to the venue.

Piles of rubbish, classic street furniture, barbed wire fences, Pret A Manger, McDonald’s, and even a location from the Harry Potter films in Kings Cross Railway Station all came under scrutiny.

Then the positives and negatives were documented, rated and weighed up afterwards, as were potential solutions and roles for brands to play in delivering them.

The basic idea seems to be thus to make a change but also have fun doing so using technology(mobile + apps) and community.

There are some  future local events planned with the next event #Changify Shoreditch is being held over the weekend of 14-16th December

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