iNeed = Social + Local + Crowd + Mobile.


Our friends Tony Fish and  Simon Grice, have founded a new start-up called iNeed which lets you & your friends help each other find trusted, local people to get things done. At its core is thinking from Clay Shirky on all things collaborative/ surplus and Doc Searls on all things VRM and Gift economy Lewis Hyde / wiki. In essence of Social + Local + Crowd + Mobile.

They have just raised £50k using CrowdCube and now plan to take the alpha (which is live) to a functioning V1 platform before the end of the year.

As I see it, iNeed is a platform .. which makes it different from similar services. Think of it as ‘powered by iNeed button’ i.e. sites could have a button that allows them to add this feature .. 

which essentially makes it different from the previous offerings in this space ..

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