The Big Data Workshop – Monday, 17 September 2012 from 12:30 to 17:30

Modern software and hardware technologies provide the platform for a wide-range of applications that can improve our lives, access information, increase efficiency etc.  However all these applications require data.  Whilst it is true that there is greater availability of data than ever before there are many issue that need to be solved before it can be used efficiently.  These range from ownership, accuracy, “moneytisation”, privacy, security through to data lifetime and destruction. Additionally the area of how to access and merge disparate datasets through application interfaces or toolkits has to be considered.

This workshop will bring together a wide range of thought leaders to discuss the essential aspects of managing and using large, multi-sourced data sets.  To provide a framework for the discussions the primary solution areas that we will consider will be Future Cities and Citizen Centric Applications.

Outputs from the workshop will be a set of key challenge areas that could be addressed using data, major roadblocks that have to be overcome for their implementation and a list of current exemplars.

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