My presentation on Smart cities industry summit – Creating Open source Smart city algorithms for Big Data by combining sensor data with satellite data ..


I spoke at the Smart cities industry summit – speakers and it was a fascinating event .. rarely do I spend two whole days at an event.

Below I include my presentation.

In this talk, I extended the ideas I have been building on ..

Building on the idea of -

Big data for Smart cities – How do we go from Open Data to Big Data for Smart cities,

I previously proposed

Open source Big Data Smart City algorithms .

But how exactly do we achieve this?

 My presentation attached ..  In it I proposed a simple but profound idea which we are working on already in Liverpool
Essentially, in my talk, I proposed the idea of combining satellite data with city level sensor data and creating a set of open source algorithms based on Big Data principles which is shared with other cities .. 

What we are working on is:

a) Initially, focusing on renewables and transportation

b) Providing a holistic view by combining two datasets – earth observation data and sensor data

c) Applying Big Data principles

d) Creating an ecosystem – sharing with other cities(we already have three cities interested in this)

e) Algorithms are real .. They take away the discussion from “What is a smart city?” to ‘Here is some code .. ‘ can you hack it?

f)  Depending on the open source licence, we can include innovation i.e. cities can create their versions of the code and keep their modifications

I believe it would truly make a difference and create an ecosystem

welcome comments and feedback


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