Interesting initiative – mentor academicus

I am interested in social ventures due to my new startup feynlabs – Concepts of programming languages for kids so when I saw this concept from @Jeremy Geelan‘s FB page, I had a closer look

Mentor academicus is an interesting initiative originating out of Denmark.

Their mission is:

Our mission is to revolutionise careers advice in high-schools across Denmark. We do this by creating alumni-based mentoring schemes that connect young students with a diverse group of mentors to inspire, advise and guide current students. We also bring back alumni to their old schools to hold lectures on their academic and professional experiences. 

Working in partnership with high-schools and non-profit organisations, Mentor Academicus creates individually tailored mentoring schemes that help provide answers to the challenges that confront young people as they transition to university, build their CVs, develop their interests and aspirations, and start to think about the world of work.  

By giving students the opportunity to connect with our mentors, and engage with them through different educational projects, we aim to: 
  • raise each student’s awareness of what they are energized by, and teach them how to channel that effectively
  • equip students with the tools and resources to realise their academic and professional aspirations
As part of our primary mission Mentor Academicus also aims to:
  • create an international network of mentors with a broad range of professional and academic expertise that propose, facilitate and participate in educational projects
  • contribute to a healthy civil society by promoting volunteering as one of the best expressions of active citizenship
  • create corporate partnerships with companies to financially support our non-profit activities as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility
And their approach is also collaborative. Shall track this over time to see how it evolves ..