Informa Smart cities industry summit – key themes


I have been working a lot in the Smart cities space recently and very much looking forward to speaking at this event next week - Smart cities industry summit Рspeakers

Here are the key themes I am following in the event for Smart cities


  • Software services to manage a city
  • M2M and the relation to smart cities
  • Role of telco operators in Smart cities
  • The city and the cloud
  • The smart city value chain
  • Telco opportunity(access provider, communications provider, service delivery)
  • Broadband technologies for cities (wifi, cable, FTTx, LTE)
  • Federated M2M providers
  • Data capture technologies – Sensors , CCTVs etc
  • Urban data for telco operators


Infrastructure and services

  • Public private sharing of infrastructure
  • Working with city infrastructure ex civic engineering firms
  • City data flows
  • The challenges of mega-cities
  • Privacy and security
  • Smart city apps
  • water management
  • transportation management
  • energy management
  • Carbon efficiency
  • Advanced market drivers for smart cities
  • Emerging market drivers for smart cities
  • Business models for Smart cities



  • Participation of people in a smart city
  • Citizen engagement and innovation
  • Smart cities and deprived areas

If you are attending, happy to speak ..  contact me through the networking tool or email me at ajit.jaokar at