Big Data Smart cities Open source algorithms – Predictive and Real time algorithms

Over the last week, speaking at the  Smart cities industry summit – speakers (you can download my presentation in the link below)  , I had many questions about the approach we are taking and especially around the ideas of Big Data Smart cities Open source algorithms


Here is some more information


  • In a nutshell, our goal is to go beyond the simplistic discussion of ‘What makes a city smart?’ to real, practical implementations via code/algorithms


  • Open data for Smart cities has been explored before. We extend the Open Data discussion to open source Big Data algorithms.


  • We work in close collaboration with a specific city (Liverpool) via Connected Liverpool but we adopt an open strategy – which means we share via open source and we welcome collaboration with cities and others


  • This is an early space which will evolve rapidly. At this point, our objective is more social (ex – to create an intellectual hub of technical expertise).



  • What is different now? The algorithms have existed for a while but the application in this context (Smart cities) is new.



  • Thus, while machine learning algorithms have existed for some time, the inclusion of Big Data principles is new .. Specifically, use of Apache Mahout and Real time Big Data techniques like Storm (which could be seen as a ‘real time Hadoop’), Berkeley Spark etc


  • How do we add this all together? A proposed Big Data Lifecycle showcase


  • The Big Data Lifecycle showcase comprises of:

-  Capturing data(sensors)

-   Store and augment data (using large earth observation datasets – see my previous blogs), APIs and

-    Services (algorithms, appstores)

Thus, this strategy extends the current Open data, APIs, Appstores discussion for Smart cities along

a)    Big Data (Apache Mahout and other Big Data techniques)

b)    Algorithms (Predictive and real time) and

c)    Earth observation data

By sharing as open source, we hope we can contribute and collaborate with other cities

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Image source:

My presentation on Smart cities industry summit – Creating Open source Smart city algorithms for Big Data by combining sensor data with satellite data ..


I spoke at the Smart cities industry summit – speakers and it was a fascinating event .. rarely do I spend two whole days at an event.

Below I include my presentation.

In this talk, I extended the ideas I have been building on ..

Building on the idea of -

Big data for Smart cities – How do we go from Open Data to Big Data for Smart cities,

I previously proposed

Open source Big Data Smart City algorithms .

But how exactly do we achieve this?

 My presentation attached ..  In it I proposed a simple but profound idea which we are working on already in Liverpool
Essentially, in my talk, I proposed the idea of combining satellite data with city level sensor data and creating a set of open source algorithms based on Big Data principles which is shared with other cities .. 

What we are working on is:

a) Initially, focusing on renewables and transportation

b) Providing a holistic view by combining two datasets – earth observation data and sensor data

c) Applying Big Data principles

d) Creating an ecosystem – sharing with other cities(we already have three cities interested in this)

e) Algorithms are real .. They take away the discussion from “What is a smart city?” to ‘Here is some code .. ‘ can you hack it?

f)  Depending on the open source licence, we can include innovation i.e. cities can create their versions of the code and keep their modifications

I believe it would truly make a difference and create an ecosystem

welcome comments and feedback


 Do you want to join us? Please email me ajit.jaokar at


IBM SmartCamp KickStart London, 5th October 2012

If you are interested in Smart cities, here is another event in London early October. I may be attending and happy to speak.

IBM SmartCamp KickStart London, 5th October 2012

What is SmartCamp?
SmartCamp is an exclusive global program bringing together entrepreneurs, investors and experienced mentors who want to build a Smarter Planet. SmartCamp provides access to world-class advisors plus a direct route to seed and venture capital.
What is Smarter Planet?
We are now moving into a world where we’re getting to an Internet of things and devices and increasing instrumentation. We have an overwhelming amount of data that companies have to deal with. And that’s another reality in a smart world – the need for new insight, new analytics, new intelligence to deal with this explosion of data. That’s another angle in a smart world where IBM can help companies.

IDC Global Entrepreneur & SmartCamps Review.pdf




Informa Smart cities industry summit – key themes


I have been working a lot in the Smart cities space recently and very much looking forward to speaking at this event next week - Smart cities industry summit – speakers

Here are the key themes I am following in the event for Smart cities


  • Software services to manage a city
  • M2M and the relation to smart cities
  • Role of telco operators in Smart cities
  • The city and the cloud
  • The smart city value chain
  • Telco opportunity(access provider, communications provider, service delivery)
  • Broadband technologies for cities (wifi, cable, FTTx, LTE)
  • Federated M2M providers
  • Data capture technologies – Sensors , CCTVs etc
  • Urban data for telco operators


Infrastructure and services

  • Public private sharing of infrastructure
  • Working with city infrastructure ex civic engineering firms
  • City data flows
  • The challenges of mega-cities
  • Privacy and security
  • Smart city apps
  • water management
  • transportation management
  • energy management
  • Carbon efficiency
  • Advanced market drivers for smart cities
  • Emerging market drivers for smart cities
  • Business models for Smart cities



  • Participation of people in a smart city
  • Citizen engagement and innovation
  • Smart cities and deprived areas

If you are attending, happy to speak ..  contact me through the networking tool or email me at ajit.jaokar at


Speaking at smart cities industry summit 25-26 September 2012


I have been working a lot in the Smart cities space recently and very much looking forward to speaking at this event next week - Smart cities industry summit – speakers

The event has some impressive speakers. If you are attending, happy to speak

Taïsei Miura Président Directeur Général M2Ocity

Toon Norp Senior Business Consultant  TNO

Audrie van Veen Manager Amsterdam Innovation Motor

Julia Lopez Ventura Project Manager Barcelona City Council

Manuel Sanromà CIO Barcelona City Council

Svetlana Grant Smart Cities Connected Living

Dr Nick Allot webinos

Euro Beinat PhD Co-Founder Current City Research Foundation

Markus Breitbach Int. Partner Dev. Deutsche Telekom

Andrzej Ochocki Head of Marketing & Proposition Deutsche Telekom

Marc Overton Vice President Everything Everywhere

Jason Bellman Director of MVNO & National M2M Everything Everywhere

Robert Kleinfeld Project Manager Future App. and Media

Ajit Jaokar Director Futuretext

Joana Fernandes Project Coordinator Lisbon E-Nova

Steve Lewis Head Living PlanIT

Kulveer Ranger Director of E & D London Mayoral Office

Ghazi Atallah Managing Director neXgen Advisory Group

Carlos Lourenco Head of Business Unit Optimus

Valerie Le Peltier Directeur de Pôle Utilities Orange Smart Cities Program

Jeremy Green Principal Analyst Ovum

Duncan Botting B, I and Growth Director Parsons Brinckerhoff

Vassilis Seferidis Director Samsung Electronics

Renaud Di Francesco Divisional Director Sony, UK

Fred Gangemi Associate Steer Davies Gleave

Roberto Gavazzi TLC Project Manager Telecom Italia Lab

Mila Milenkovic Head of B2B partnerships Telekom Srjbia

Gus Desbarats Chairman The Alloy

George Voulgaris Operations Director Vision Mobile




The Big Data Workshop – Monday, 17 September 2012 from 12:30 to 17:30

Modern software and hardware technologies provide the platform for a wide-range of applications that can improve our lives, access information, increase efficiency etc.  However all these applications require data.  Whilst it is true that there is greater availability of data than ever before there are many issue that need to be solved before it can be used efficiently.  These range from ownership, accuracy, “moneytisation”, privacy, security through to data lifetime and destruction. Additionally the area of how to access and merge disparate datasets through application interfaces or toolkits has to be considered.

This workshop will bring together a wide range of thought leaders to discuss the essential aspects of managing and using large, multi-sourced data sets.  To provide a framework for the discussions the primary solution areas that we will consider will be Future Cities and Citizen Centric Applications.

Outputs from the workshop will be a set of key challenge areas that could be addressed using data, major roadblocks that have to be overcome for their implementation and a list of current exemplars.

registration details HERE 

Interesting initiative – mentor academicus

I am interested in social ventures due to my new startup feynlabs – Concepts of programming languages for kids so when I saw this concept from @Jeremy Geelan‘s FB page, I had a closer look

Mentor academicus is an interesting initiative originating out of Denmark.

Their mission is:

Our mission is to revolutionise careers advice in high-schools across Denmark. We do this by creating alumni-based mentoring schemes that connect young students with a diverse group of mentors to inspire, advise and guide current students. We also bring back alumni to their old schools to hold lectures on their academic and professional experiences. 

Working in partnership with high-schools and non-profit organisations, Mentor Academicus creates individually tailored mentoring schemes that help provide answers to the challenges that confront young people as they transition to university, build their CVs, develop their interests and aspirations, and start to think about the world of work.  

By giving students the opportunity to connect with our mentors, and engage with them through different educational projects, we aim to: 
  • raise each student’s awareness of what they are energized by, and teach them how to channel that effectively
  • equip students with the tools and resources to realise their academic and professional aspirations
As part of our primary mission Mentor Academicus also aims to:
  • create an international network of mentors with a broad range of professional and academic expertise that propose, facilitate and participate in educational projects
  • contribute to a healthy civil society by promoting volunteering as one of the best expressions of active citizenship
  • create corporate partnerships with companies to financially support our non-profit activities as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility
And their approach is also collaborative. Shall track this over time to see how it evolves ..