Forumoxford 2012 conference – Oct 19 – a new vision and looking for speakers and sponsors


Every year, we have a vibrant event for forumoxford at Oxford University which I co-chair along with Tomi Ahonen

This year, we plan to introduce new features and potentially introduce a special session about crowdfunding. With the success of initiatives like kickstarter, crowdfunding could be disruptive for startups. This session about crowd funding will provide practical insights about the opportunities and  the pitfalls (hype). I expect this will be a big draw for the event!

We are also introducing a new vision. To explain our vision for forumoxford, I will use the analogy of the London Olympics

When we saw Beijing’s opening ceremony, the question was: How can the UK do better than the excellent show in Beijing?

The answer appears to be by going back to values that are uniquely local (in this case British) i.e. not trying to be bigger but trying to be different


By drawing on history but also looking to the future.

So, what can we learn from that success?

Forumoxford is a unique place

Not only do we draw from the history of Oxford University, we also have our own unique ethos over the past few years based on in-depth thinking and a vibrant community.

There are many places on the web where conversations take place like Linkedin Quora, Twitter, Blogs etc

So, in this context we, as forumoxford, can serve you better by going back to our unique history. We can never be ‘bigger’ but we can differentiate using three principles:

1) Using events to showcase ecosystem leaders: ecosystems are invaluable if you are starting new services or have new ideas. At any time, certain companies and players become leaders in an ecosystem. Our events will try to bring them as speakers.

2)  Thought leadership through papers: We introduce a new format where we seek five minute pitches for papers and if these are selected, the papers will be published as conference proceedings

3)   We use our network to provide value by providing through invited experts online or offline

The three themes this year will be : Tablets, M2M and Augmented reality

Ideas welcome and also speakers/sponsors

Please contact me at ajit.jaokar at if you want to speak / sponsor

We will post more details at forumoxford 2012 conference