Significance of Cloud based HTML5 gaming for Mobile Operators

I have been tracking itsmy for a few years now and there is an interesting announcement: 3 launches HTML5 cloud gaming based on itsmy cloud gaming platform(white label). The press release in German is  3 launches gaming experience in the cloud based in the itsmy platform

I explore the wider implications of this announcement here
Considering the emphasis Telefonica and others are putting on HTML5 and web based technologies, I think many Operators will see value in HTML5 gaming for the following reasons
  • HTML5 gives both a good experience and cross platform gaming – so Operators can support multiple devices
  • Support and updates through the Cloud – means that the Operator can save on support costs
  • The Operator provides the billing
  • The Operator can conduct trials through features like zero rating of data for initial uptake
  • Casual social games need low bandwidth (in comparison to traditional games even on mobile)
  • The Operator leverages their brand across devices
  • Games could include other Operator services(ex messaging)
  • Games could add social features – ex the ability to ‘follow’ other gamers
  • Casual games have a wide appeal and have a precedence through facebook gaming etc
So far, few Operators have ventured much into casual HTML5 gaming but for the reasons mentioned above, it could be an interesting trend for Operators