Mr Locale – Cloud based translations


Mr. Locale is a cloud based translation service, created by Lost in Translations Inc.  to solve the problem of localization of content.

Some background:

According to Mr. Locale, it is not a translation service, but a service to manage language versions.   Mr Locale manages and maintains language versions centrally e.g. without the need to distribute files back and forth with translators. The service currently launched its Beta phase with selected customers. Mutual Seed Fund, part of the Grow VC Group and officially published later this year, is a seed investor in Lost in Translations Inc. and the company is also in the Grow VC Group’s global business development program. Recently, Lost in Translations acquired a Chinese online language learning service. Developed over several years, “Teach me Language” is all about learning and maintaining language skills – not just Chinese but English (for Chinese speakers) as well. You can learn by seeing, hearing and doing – and the service will cover other languages as well in future.

On site widget:

A unique on-site widget is one of the most interesting features of the site. The widget allows you to translate or make corrections on top of your web service or app. This means seeing the real context, which helps translators tremendously. It also makes immediate, on-site corrections possible. I asked Mika Jordman – co-founder and CEO – as to what is the significance of the widget and based on the discussion: The widget functionality means that the user logs in to Mr. Locale and goes to her webpage. Then she highlights the text she wants to translate/edit (see image). The Widget will automatically show up and she can do translation/edit on top of her content e.g. she sees the context while translating/editing (he/she has uploaded his data to service). After saving the result, translated/edited text will automatically be saved in database for future use. This will help translators tremendously as they can see the context where the translation will be (this has been one of the biggest problems among our customers – not seeing the context). Widget helps also to do small editing/corrections without going too deep into ones code.

This is indeed interesting. I also see other applications for this functionality (maybe a follow on blog)