If NoSQL databases are for Big Data – can we say SQL databases are for small data?

If NoSQL databases are for Big Data – can we say SQL databases are for small data? :)

Image source: http://www.pentaho.com/images/2011/nosql.png




  1. Ajit Kamat says:


    Thats a funny statement :)

    Your way of looking at things is really, what should I say, amusing :D

    I stumbled across your blog from BBC’s news about webinos. And just browsed through some of the titles of your blogs such as “Orange San Diego – If Intel inside really mean ‘fast’ – then you would blame Intel if your PC was slow..” and just couldn’t stop laughing :)

    BTW, the idea of webinos is great, but I think it is heading in the direction of what happened or will happen to other OSes (excluding iOS). The problem is open-system proponents try to accommodate everything under the planet in their offering. That is a good thing but it is an ideal which sometimes overlooks requirements from the perspective of end users and developers. End users and developers do not like fragmentation, be it user interface or software versions and platforms. It just grows in to a hellish nightmare very quickly. Symbian OS had proved that and now Android is moving in the same direction. The reason iOS (and hence iPhone/iPad) became so successful is that Apple sticked to what Alan Kay said decades ago: “People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware”. Its no wonder you find so many developers and users happy with iOS echosystem, no matter how closed that system is! So in my opinion, if there is any “open” OS or middleware, then it should stick to just one hardware platform and make it so brilliant that others have hard time catching-up to it or ignoring it. I think webinos should stick to just one OS (Linux or *BSD) and one power efficient hardware platform and make it so good that it becomes ubiquitous and middleware of choice. This will make it easy for both the developers/maintainers of webinos and its ecosystem. This will help the webinos to grow organically rather than fragment and crack as it grows!

    Just my 2cents,


  2. ajit says:

    many thanks Ajit! Lot more coming re webinos soon – yes I agree its evolving .. kind rgds Ajit