Big Data for Smart Cities conference

Earlier this year, we created a conference called Apps for Smart cities under the the World Smart Capital program (I am on the advisory board of the World Smart Capital program along with some very clued on folk)

We have been thinking about how we can evolve the Apps for Smart Cities conference and here is my current thinking – which reflects the direction we will take

We started apps for Smart cities thinking of mobility, Open data and sensors which will increasingly capture much of our data. This data is an enabler to new services. If you combine the data generated from cities and add a social layer on top of it enabled by mobile and sensor networks), the resultant data provides a richer dataset.

This gives an opportunity for Big Data like services (i.e. the analytics on this rich dataset)

Thus, the Big Data for Smart cities conference would focus on the analytics implications for Smart cities especially in the creation of new services based on this data and in empowering citizens

In How data could save cities from outgrowing themselves  Gigaom gives some examples: reducing gridlock to predicting crime to having its Watson system acting as mayor (of sorts) of a city. At our Structure: Data conference this year, we looked at big data applications ranging from monitoring your own emissions to solving cancer via genome analysis to providing loans to individuals with low credit scores.
See also a video below from Richard Florida on the evolution of cities and significance of Data

More on the conference Big Data for Smart cities soon