Layar – the future of Interactive Print

We have covered Layar before on OpenGardens  and layar have an exciting new announcement ..
From their press release:
Layar Creator places the power of interactive print at everyone’s fingertips
Today, Layar launched the Layar Creator, a self-service web application for activating print pages with digital content. By simplifying and demystifying previously complex AR technology, the Layar Creator makes it quick and easy to bring once static pages to life with videos, links and “Buy” buttons that readers can view with their smartphone.

Thus, anyone can upload images or PDFs, drag-and-drop any of a number of digital buttons onto the pages and publish them on the Layar platform. When readers view activated pages with the Layar app, these buttons appear on top of the page.

The Layar creator has:

  • intuitive with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Seamless integration with the publication- With no software to install and no restricting watermarks or QR codes to use, the Layar Creator has very little impact on the workflow of a publication.
  • Cost effective – With pay-as-you-go, bundled pricing and free ad-supported options,

“The market for print is not going away. It’s here to stay,” says Layar CEO Raimo van der Klein. “With the introduction of the Layar Creator and interactive print, we have every reason to be extremely confident in a strong future for print. Today we are joining hands with publishers and moving forward together.”

more on links/videos below

Congrats to Raimo, Claire and team!