Facebook v.s. LinkedIn: who do you trust more?

This week saw the hacking of LinkedIn passwords where 6.5 million LinkedIn passwords were leaked and posted online.  Other sites have been hacked before. But LinkedIn is a ‘professional’ site. Practically every professional is on it.

And thus, almost everyone is affected.

But the surprising thing is: Despite getting many marketing emails to upgrade to ‘premium’ versions – I never got an email from LinkedIn itself about the breach.

Nor do I know anyone else who has ..

Now, here is an interesting thought  ..

Let’s compare the supposedly trusted LinkedIn with Facebook.

Facebook is supposed to be social, fun, not ‘commercial’ and by the yardstick of many – not ‘trusted’.

But trust is like insurance .. you only find out how good (or bad) your insurance company is when you have an issue

So, applying this to the online world ..

We all accept that we are entering uncharted waters when it comes to online services, social media and Cloud computing.

We get benefits from them .. we take risks .. we accept some mistakes will be made ..

But to me, trust depends on not the mistake itself – but what happens when a breach occurs

So, here is why I trust Facebook more than LinkedIn

a)      LinkedIn did not send an email of or acknowledge the breach. Contrast that with sites like foursquare and facebook with the Girls around us app –when action was taken immediately to redress the situation.

b)      Slideshare, a site now owned by linkedin, now charges money to find out who downloaded your slides. This is the conceptual equivalent of Google or Facebook charging you for getting access to your own data

This is worth thinking about ..

I remember that when LinkedIn introduced photos on profiles – one enterprise expert sneered saying that ‘photos were the first step to the slippery slope of online dating’ ..

We are still stuck in the post-dotcom mindset – B2B is good – B2C is bad ..

The LinkedIn debacle shows that we should not be so quick to trust business sites at the expense of social sites.