Decoded courses

I have been always interested in the wider / transformative potential of mobile and this blog has covered elements like Smart cities etc.

I have been more recently interested in education – specifically in the idea of teaching concepts of programming languages to kids (as opposed to a specific programming language)

Also, every year, I try to do a ‘fun course’. This idea is adapted from Bill gates who takes learning/reading holidays.

In 2010 it was the Arduino course taught by Andrew Eliasz which later became the  foundations for Apps for Smart cities

So, with these two ideas in mind, this year, I am doing a course from Decoded which I first heard from Monty Munford’s blog

I like their vision on education and its the similar goal I am trying to achieve in teaching concepts of programming languages to kids

So, putting myselves as a learner to create an app in one day would be a great ‘learning holiday’