Vintage Steve Jobs – very insightful .. and transhumanist – amplifying human ability

“Man is a toolmaker, has the ability to make a tool to amplify the amount of inherent ability that he has…what we are doing is building tools that amplify a human ability…the industrial revolution was an amplification of a human ability, sweat…What we are working towards now is the ability to amplify another human ability and we are just starting to get glimmerings of where it is going to go.”

‎”… founded on one princpiple … one person, one computer … one to one relationship …”

- Steve Jobs (1980)


  1. Steve Jobs is really a far-sighted type person and what the video tells is completely advisable. He rightly said, the amplification of human ability is remained continue in the world and finally this amplification comes in the form of revolution. Really great thoughts…Thanks for such an exceptional video….