Book review – connected services by Paul Golding

I have had the pleasure of reviewing Paul Golding’s books before

Like his previous books, his latest book Connected Services: A Guide to the Internet Technologies Shaping the Future of Mobile Services and Operators keeps up the excellent tradition!

These books are quintessential reference books and over the years, their scope has expanded as the industry itself matures.

Thus, in comparison to the previous books, Connected services takes a major leap forward

Over the years, the perspective and the audience of Paul’s books remains the same – i.e. the Telco professional who wants to understand the wider ecosystem – specifically the Web and the developer ecosystems that preceded the mobile ecosystem – and evolves with it.

Even relatively recent topics of discussion like Web 2.0, web v.s. apps seem ‘old’ as the industry moves fast with the merging of the Web and the Telco worlds.

Paul’s recent work with O2’s various platform initiatives gives him the background to comment on this merging of two worlds ..

This book provides both the foundations (ex sections like Beneath the hood of web 2.0 – CRUD MVC and REST) but also covers many emerging trends in great detail.

The sections I learnt from most were – Big data, Real time web, Augmeted web and modern device platforms

The last two chapters of the book are for the Telco guy .. Operator platform: Network as a service and Harnessing web 2.0 start-up methods for telcos

I read them with interest ..

Will the Telco listen to this advice or will they worry about the OTT players and lose the game entirely?

Time will tell ..

And finally, I enjoyed the great humour at the beginning of each chapter ..

Here is an example

Platform = case app

when “Game” then “Native”

when “Blog” then “Web”

when “Comms” then “Either”

when “Weird” then “Widget”

when “Everything” then “Text”

else “Web”


Like Paul’s previous books, I very much recommend this book.

Catching up with Paul’s work – because of his significant contribution to the mobile industry over the past two decades, Paul was awarded a special visa to work in the US and currently lives in Silicon Valley where he continues to “practise what he preaches” in terms of software and product innovation. He is currently working on mobile design and product strategies for a number of companies.

Link is Connected Services: A Guide to the Internet Technologies Shaping the Future of Mobile Services and Operators