A new business model for spotify based on a ‘replay button’

Like many people, I am a huge fan of Spotify.

Spotify has caused me to abandon iTunes completely.

There has been much speculation about the Spotify business model –  however, a model that would work best would work all THREE groups
-  Customers
-  Spotify and the
-  Artists
But it should primarily work for the customer(and the rest will follow ..)
I am ofcourse not referring to the ‘free’ model .. but here is an alternative
As a customer, Spotify works for me because - It provides me choice
Extensive choice ..
Like most people, my music taste had been confined to college ..
Spotify changes all that by providing amazing recommendation features like ‘radio based on an artist’
So, once we have choice(for a small fixed fee) we have the customers – ie the audience ..
Now .. for a second observation ..
Most people’s listening habits are skewd ..
In an age of endless choice .. (which is needed) .. actual listening preferences are very narrow ex my top artists on spotify is below ..
Now, if Spotify had a ‘replay’ button .. and if many replays had a small fee .. I believe people who like artists would not mind paying that fee ..
So, if I like a song – I just replay it – for a small fee ..
This pattern already mirrors my existing behaviour ..
This would work for all parties – the customer, the artist and spotify


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