Digital media forum : Global mindset – local innovation in the MENA region












Having spoken at many events globally, The Digital media forum in Dubai was special because it created unique blend of innovation by combining global ideas with local innovation.

The event was the second highest trending topic on twitter on the day, which shows that there is potential for much more unique innovation in this region

So, what was the most interesting idea I saw at the event?

Speakers like Osman sultan of DU networks and Khalifa Al Shamsi of Etisalat had excellent and inspiring presentations.

My panel was about mobile applications – which threw up some interesting insights.

My overall impression of the event was: innovation in various parts of the world will follow unique local flavours and will adapt global ideas to the local ecosystem.

The management thinker C K Prahalad and others have spoken of this phenomenon before.

One of the more interesting applications I saw at this event was a social learning application based on Facebook.

Social Learning application is like any other facebook app.

Conceptually, this works like the Khan academy but leveraging the power of facebook as a social platform.

The open nature of facebook leads to greater potential for harnessing collective intelligence, which is one of the main foundations of web 2.0.

The lack of collective intelligence is one of the shortcomings of enterprise 2.0 because the enterprise firewall restricts diverse viewpoints by confining to the enterprise.

It will be interesting to see the uptake of the Social learning application based on facebook but it demonstrates the principle that innovation will have a local flavour – which is good news globally and locally