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China drives world business and finance. As the world’s fastest-growing major economy, the largest exporter and the second largest importer, all roads lead to the Middle Kingdom. Today’s business leaders understand the value of an immersive experience in an important nation.

The Europe-China Strategic Alliance (ECSA) believes that faced with the growing importance of China in both global economics and politics, European students have very limited resources to truly become familiar with this country. Few universities have established effective cooperation with universities in China; even when such programmes are in place criteria for participation can be very vague and participation might require a time commitment of an entire semester. Moreover, these programmes tend not to be business specific and do not offer an internship experience. 

The ECSA programme is different. The organisation offers a unique opportunity to gain insight into the Chinese business market and accelerate a student’s career.

The 2012 Business in China Summer Programme organised by the ECSA and hosted by the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics provides an extraordinary opportunity to work and study in China. During the summer, students and young professionals will have the chance to build a strong international network through intensive coursework at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, a full time internship in a Chinese company and many business and cultural events.

The intensive six-week experience has four unique components:

The Summer Programme Orientation is designed to help participants transition into life in Shanghai. The initial orientation will help the students to explore the greater Shanghai area and learn the basics of Mandarin Chinese.

At the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE), participants will be immersed in an intensive two-week introduction to business in China. Taught by respected SUFE Professors Dr. Shenyu Li (李申禹) nd Dr. Hong Yu (于洪), Marketing Strategies in China and Management of Enterprises in China will provide the necessary context to excel at the internship.

During the full time, one month Internship, students will have the extraordinary opportunity to experience the fascinating and fast-paced business environment of Shanghai. They have the opportunity to work in the functional areas of Finance and Accounting, Sales and Marketing, Strategic Development, HR, and Business Technology.

In addition to the coursework, internship and the study of Mandarin, participants will also get connected to the business community through networking events, guest speakers and optional trips two other Chinese cities, Beijing and Suzhou.

Building the Sino-European Future

The ECSA management possesses significant experience in international education and business in the European Union, China, and the United States. With their knowledge of operating in China, ECSA can guarantee a more meaningful stay resulting in a great amount of applicable business knowledge, a revealing insight into the Chinese culture, and a strong international network.

If you are interested in the programme visit the organisations website at and in case you have any questions feel free to contact the ECSA Office: [email protected]


  1. Yes, It’s great Idea that European organisation offering a combination of academic and internship experience in China. And it results a great applicable of business knowledge.