maggieshopepage – To Assist Mom With Cancer






Creator of the  Alex Tew has setup the website to assist his cousin, Maggie and her family in handling overwhelming medical bills.

The concept is the same as the where supporters are able to buy a space  and post an image of their choice. Each square of 10 by 10 pixels costs 5 pounds and all of the money raised will go to Maggie and her family.

The following from the email sent by Imal wagner, their publicist.

Maggie Thomas, 46, who has terminal breast cancer, does not want to leave her six children. She particularly does not want to take their futures with her ,knowing that the debt for her treatment is overwhelming. Because of that, her cousin has set up a the special website, where supporters can purchase pixels to help pay-down the debt.

In January 2009 Maggie, now 46, was told she had breast cancer. Since then it has spread rapidly and today she has 25 tumors on her lungs, liver, spine, hips, ribs and brain. Despite being warned its incurable, she refuses to wallow in self-pity. Maggie has cashed in her life insurance and remortgaged her home to raise the $100,000 she and devoted husband David have spent so far on alternative remedies. Maggie knows that all too soon her husband will be raising their children: Liam, 11, twins Danny and Anne, nine, David, seven, Cian, five, and Fintan, three under a crushing debt.

Early on David had to sacrifice his business as a commercial photographer, and despite taking on huge amounts of debt, and receiving support from friends, family and the local community, the cost of supporting a large family and paying for additional treatments is proving desperately hard.


Our prayers are with Maggie and her family in this difficult time