Which developments could radically disrupt net neutrality arguments?









for a forthcoming blog post/article – I am exploring the question of which developments could radically disrupt net neutrality towards more openness?

On one hand, the regulatory arguments could chug along at a slow and bogged down by legal hurdles

On the other hand, customers and others could change the game.

I am looking for such game changers

1)  The Dutch net neurtality developments - Net neutrality goes Dutch

2) The forthcoming BEREC report Net neutrality gets European Parliament backing | ZDNet UKLawless Net Neutrality vs. the “Resolution of Disapproval” – Forbes

3) The push for broadband – EU commissioner wants telecoms firms to boost broadband access 

4)  A new converged regulator? (for media – consumer and telecoms)

5)  A new ‘alternate’ regulator - There needs to be an Alternative Communications Providers Association (ACPA or OTTA) to counterbalance the GSMA

6)  FCC? – not radically disruptive but still to watch ..

7)   SOPA/DMCA - Would ISPs Trade Net Neutrality for Safe Harbor? European Parliament adopts net neutrality resolution (Wired UK) ,

8 )  Consumer issues  Am I blocked or Not: Wisconsin version

9)   Web providers naming and shaming – ex content providers warning customers to avoid certain networks/ISPs


what else?

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many thanks …

image source: http://people.oii.ox.ac.uk/dutton/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/neutral-bits.gif