About my PhD research: Optimising resilience of remote monitoring medical devices over white space networks




















Since earlier this year, I have finally finalized the problem space I am working on for my PhD – I outline it here. Any comments/ suggestions welcome at ajit.jaokar at futuretext.com  

I have discussed before the The opportunities and challenges of White Space spectrum applications and there is considerable interest in the white space applications.  I am focussing on sensor based white space applications for healthcare devices.

Specifically, the overall objective of the research is:

a) understanding sensor based medical devices
b) understand the white space scenario and its differences from existing environments from the perspective of healthcare
c) Identify scenarios including load on network, aggregators, comparison for specific classes of medical devices etc
d) Simulating the above in a white space network simulator and perhaps prototyping if needed
e)  Understanding and presenting the resultsThe focus is on resilience/reliability and on the apparent unreliability of white space transmission and how (1) good reliability can be achieved and (2) medical devices designed to accommodate any transmission problems that do occur.

So, we are interested in reliability/resilience (vs security, privacy, threat scenarios etc)
Image source: Mobile sands blog