The Webinos project – updates, insights and progress


Much has been happening with the webinos project .. and there are new specifications and research which you can download for free.
For the last few months, we’ve been busy putting together detailed specifications, and delivering in-depth research and analysis. All towards a solid foundation which will drive the implementation of the webinos platform.

The entire webinos developer team is now in the zone building the platform and preparing demos and apps. So stay tuned as the best has yet to come!

 After our recently published webinos specification, two very important reports are now publicly available:

  • The Target Platforms, target Requirements and Platform IPRs report; which outlines the analysis and process the webinos consortium undertook in order to identify the most suitable platforms upon which to realize and implement webinos. More importantly there are resourcing, governance, licensing and IPR recommendations provided which should guide the setting-up of webinos as an open source project.
  • The 2nd phase of the “User Expectations of Security and Privacy” report; a report which is useful for the designers and developers involved in the architecture and implementation activities as input to security testing activities, guidance for mitigating likely webinos security problems, and recommendations for developing interfaces for context-­‐sensitive security policy management tools.

We are constantly seeking new ways for better and quicker interaction with and feedback from you.
To this end, the Target Platforms, target Requirements and Platform IPRs report is also available in html format conveniently broken down in sections and integrated with our commenting system so that you can share your thoughts with us and the community. We’re looking forward to your comments!

Thoughts? Questions? Recommendations? We would certainly love to hear from you!

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