Standards & Patents Conference 2011









Standards & Patents Conference 2011: Learn to successfully navigate the complex interplay between standards, intellectual property & competition law

I may be at this event. If you are at this event, please email me. Sounds like an interesting event covering some key topics

This fascinating area is a minefield of conflicting commercialIP &competition issues.

The dynamics of the relationship between standards and patents poses a gamut of challenges for patenteeslicenceesstandard setting organisationsinnovatorscommecial users and implementers.

Patents may value the unique but the technical standard has become the friend (or foe) that defines the uniform.

Find out more on the latest agenda for the Standards and Patents conference.

 some of the themes include
  • 1. Patents – A View From The Bench 
  • 2. A Fresh, Practical Look At FRAND
  • 3. A European Commission Keynote from Per Hellstrom
  • 4. Key Remedies in EU Patent Litigation
  • 5. Focus on China & Japan – The Emerging Markets