Speaking at – The Society for Existential Analysis conference on permeation of technology in everyday life






I am speaking at the annual event for the The Society for Existential Analysis conference on permeation of technology in everyday life on Meditation - 

I am speaking on - Meditation: A transhumanist technology for social evolution? A transhumanist technology for social evolution

In the last fifty years, we have seen many technological innovations such as the rise of computers and mobile devices. However, in the next fifty years, we could see three key trends:

-          Existing technologies will become the fundamental building blocks accelerating the next generation of innovations (ex – faster microprocessors means quicker identification of gene sequences etc).

-          New innovations will arise from the interconnections and interplay of currently discrete domains. Often, this will give rise to entirely new domains and/or transform existing domains.

-          Technologies will have a social component and social factors will lead to emergent (i.e. unpredictable ) evolution of technology

One such domain is the ancient practise of meditation.

Most people accept that meditation can bring about a lasting change in their life. At the simplest level, meditation can help you relax. But meditation could be a lot more. Social technologies can augment meditation. Connectivity could be a catalyst both at a neural and at a social level through brain wave meditation potentially interconnected to  achieve biofeedback at a social level.

This talk explores the following:

-          Could meditation be seen as a mechanism that could augment the human mind through technology (neural and social networks)?

-          What would a ‘tipping point’ look like for society when a critical mass of people use these techniques and connect through social networks?

-          How could these ideas be used in personal development?

The talk includes a live demonstration of brain wave meditation including social meditation using brain wave technologies (perhaps with willing audience participation!)

Existential Analysis is known for its developments in the field of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Existential approach has a  diverse philosophical history – with practitioners’ therapeutic perspectives often being as varied as individual practitioners are themselves.

Existential Analysis covers issues such as:

What does it mean to be alive?
What are the possibilities that my life presents me with?
What is my relationship to myself, to other people and the world in general?
What are my responsibilities to myself and to other people?
What do I value and cherish dearly?
What is the nature of the anxiety that I experience in my life?
What are the assumptions and attributions that underpin my thoughts and actions?
What are the contradictions, discrepancies and paradoxes that occur in my everyday life?
What is my worldview – the way that I have constructed the story of my life?
What is my true potential?
What would it be like to choose my own way of living?

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I am increasingly interested in the wider application of technology to humanity which is reflected in my latest book – (official launch in Jan 2012) - Meditation in the Age of Facebook and Twitter : Personal development through social meditation – from shamanism to transhumanism

I am looking fwd to speaking here and the audience is certainly very interesting and refined.

The conference link is: The Society for Existential Analysis