Late in the day .. but wanted to add my opposition to SOPA

Gigaom summarises the issues accurately .. What the web is saying about SOPA

But I want to add three thoughts to this – especially from a non US perspective

a)  How did this bill creep up in the Obama – pro net neutrality / pro Internet era?

b) There is considerable distrust here in the EU with the patriot act. SOPA will just add to the problems and may actually hurt US interests

c) I fail to see how this will actually be enforced. The intermediaries(the music industry) may not represent the artists in the future. Today comes the news that the musician Sting plans to release his next song as an app .. The point being .. you would have to ‘police’ all apps as well and all mobile sites(not just web sites)

Great that gigaom, BoingBoing, mashable  etc are leading the charge with this ..

Image source: Gigaom

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  1. P. Lee says:

    To answer:

    1) Change for everything! Just not IP…After all, who is footing his upcoming campaign bill.

    2) EU may be screwed up economically, hopefully it will still be around to crush SOPA.

    3) Not the studios problem, they just kicked it downstairs to the ISPs: “See we’re the good guys!”

    Did you REALLY think change was going to go our way? Never underestimate the appetite of the incumbent content makers.

  2. ajit says:

    thanks Lee. Its amazing how quietly it has been built up. yes – they have tried to go after ‘google’ alone now trying to go after ‘everyone’ – ISPs etc. Also seems a lot worse than the EU (ex French three strikes) law. I have yet to see anyone actually prosecuted under any of these laws ..