Soft footsteps – A retrospective quiet celebration – by Maggie Baldry


Maggie Baldry has long edited many futuretext books including my latest book (to be launched in Jan 2012). However, she had an idea to be a writer and came up with this excellent idea for a book . As Maggie discusses below, I was one of the inspirations for Maggie’s book. I loved the ethos and idea of this book – and Maggie is a great writer and believes in this book. Very glad to be a part of it








From Maggie Baldry

Can you answer these questions?

(1) Who was the first woman writer to be published in the English language?
(2) Which woman was the first “man of the year” in 1969?
(3) Who is the most famous actress in the history of the world?
(4) Who is convinced that ignorance and terror can be ended by global connectivity?
(5) Who can tell you about successful social enterprise business planning?
(6) Who is the creator of the PulseWire Web Portal?

If you can’t answer these questions, you really need to buy this book and download it to your Kindle device or application. It will answer these questions, provoke thought and inspire you.

This work celebrates the achievements of women who are leaders in their professional and creative lives, historically and in the 21st century.

The 21st century Soft footsteps of change are pioneering women because they have all been involved in projects that are making best use of new media platforms and leading edge technology. Their work provides pathways within the new media industry for other people to follow, hence, the title of the work; Soft footsteps. Soft footsteps will reveal how individuals with passionate ideas, a strong work ethic and self-belief can create successful and satisfying careers doing work that they love.

The book has 3 main categories:

(1) History
A reflective historical look at women’s roles in the development of:
Art & Literature; Computing Technology; Education; Entertainment;
Politics; Science; Society

(2) Present
Our 21st century pioneers, are listed below in alphabetical order.

Judy Breck :Author and Internet pioneer who is convinced that ignorance and terror will be ended by global connectivity.

Karen Coppock : Executive Advisor and Senior Consultant, Vital Wave Consulting

Jensine Larsen : Founder of the World Pulse Media Enterprise

(3) Future : The final section will assess events from 2007 to the present and offer thoughts for the future.


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*** Inspiration for the book ***

Ajit Jaokar, the founder of the futuretext publishing company, originally inspired me to write this book under the original working title of Digital Eves. Ajit introduced me to Judy Breck and Karen Coppock by email . I contacted Jensine Larsen by the same method. Research and interviews took place and the work was reviewed. Due to various changes in our business lives the Digital Eves project did not proceed to publication even though the written text was completed in 2007

Following my redundancy from the Electrolux Group in 2010, I began to look at my “unfinished projects” which as well as some long needed refurbishment on my family home, also included a review of the research and interviews included in the work originally titled “Digital Eves”. I approached Ajit about the possibility of resurrecting the work and he kindly agreed that I could now contact other publishers with a view to releasing this book under a new title.