Crippling the Internet through SOPA could kill off the next industrial revolution(s)






The shortsightness of the old media companies and often politicans has been illustruated by many as I pointed out in my last post on SOPA and the SOPA debate threatens to get ugly with Google threatening to break ties with the US chamber of commerce which supports SOPA  (and yahoo has already left)

But there is more ..

I believe that the short sightedness of the old media industry and SOPA could actually destroy two emerging business models based on the Internet

In the recent past, I have seen two convincing arguments for business models  based on the Internet that could be disruptive and beneficial for the economy
Firstly, Chris Anderson calls the next Industrial Revolution or ‘the long tail of things’  (and you could extend that to include also 3D printing ) 

Both of these models depend on the Internet 

These are growth sectors and SOPA could kill them because it effectively cripples the Internet

There is a chasm between the cause and the effect in the old media arguement.Yes, content sales are down. yes there is piracy.But that’s not the only reason for the lack of content sales.A more likely cause is the sheer choice that people now have to watch content.Which means that the old media industry should change their business models instead of proposing draconian laws which hamper the consumers, sabotage innovation and destroy the competitiveness of our economies.Also see Web censorship day and Dan Gillmor in the Guardian