Screenagers – what do they really think?

Irrespective of what we call them the Screenagers, Generation Y, millennials, digital natives or the Facebook generation; we all agree that they are driving new digital services.   Often, in a discussion of next generation services and privacy their voice is ignored. Therefore;  why not come and join in a debate and hear what they have to say on Thursday 3rd November.
The focus of the event will be on brand valuestrustidentityprivacy and data that we give up as part of our digital footprint and how this is used, traded and exploited.  We will get deep and dirty on the ethics of the new free business models and ask questions about the survival of social media, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and where it is all going.
Prior to the event we are running a global survey to collect a wider data set to be able to provide some context to the Screenagers views.  To enter your own personal views on trust, branding, privacy and gain access to the data and report, please complete the 8 minute survey.
The event details are:
Theme:   Screenagers – what do they really think
Event:    Debate, presentations and insights
When:    Thursday 3rd November
Where:   Innovation Warehouse, 1 East Poultry Avenue, London.  EC1A 9PT
Timing:   From 10.30 to 15.30
Pricing:   From free if you bring a screenager, £35 as an entrepreneur to £95 for a corporate ticket