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May 2012 : New book – ‘Concepts of programming for kids’

-   I am working on a book called Concepts of programming for kids – written jointly with my eight year old son. The content for this book will be ‘open’ ie freely available – loosely modeled on Khan academy . We may have a venture subsequently to create courseware based on the content offline or in digital format

Ethics statement – Oct 1 – 2011

Walt Mossberg has an excellent ethics statement on his blog.

Inspired by that statement and considering my work.

I expect that this statement will evolve over time, but here is the version as of Oct 1 2011

-          I am the founder of the London based publishing and research company futuretext. Currently, Futuretext’s areas of research include: Smart cities, Open systems including ‘White space’ networks, Digital policy and the Mobile web. Futuretext will also cover the wider application of technology to humanity and to open societies.

-          futuretext specialises in identifying and researching cross-domain technology trends. Futuretext publishes books and also consults with customers globally. Our books are sold worldwide through the Web site and also through partners like Amazon. In some cases, corporate customers buy books in bulk

-          My consulting activities through futuretext include working with companies to define value propositions across the ‘converged stack’ incorporating devices, networks, the Web, the Cloud and Social networking.

-          I have worked with a range of commercial and government organizations including The European Union, Telecoms Operators, Device manufacturers, social networking companies and security companies in various strategic and visionary roles (key customers listed below)

-          Since May 2005, I have founded and run the OpenGardens blog which is widely respected in the mobile/telecoms industry. The OpenGardens blog has covered the convergence of Telecoms and the Web and it’s disruptive impact on their value chains

-          The OpenGardens blog receives occasional advertising which is always listed on the blog itself but the blog is not designed as a high traffic blog to gain income from advertising since it covers a relatively niche area

-          Over the years, my work has been covered in media like the BBC newsnight, CNN Money, BBC Digital planet, Robert Scoble’s podcast and others. This is an on-going for both traditional and new media.

-          I have spoken at many conferences which include MobileWorld Congress(2011, 2009, 2008, 2007); CTIA 2011, CEBIT 2009; O Reilly Web20 expo (April 2007);Keynote at Java One; European Parliament – Brussels – (European Internet Foundation); Stanford University’s Digital visions program; MIT Sloan; Fraunhofer FOKUS ; University of St. Gallen (Switzerland) and various Informa conferences on Telecoms. Some of these conferences are paid. Many cover travel expenses. Some are revenue shared with organizers.

-          Companies I have worked with over the years include the below. Many of these relationships have been on-going but some have been for specific tasks: Telefonica, Gemalto, SIM alliance, Webinos, Sandisk, OMTP, Palringo, Ecrio, LG, Microsoft, Skype, itsmy and Xtract

-          I live in London, UK and I am a British citizen. I was born in India and I also have New Zealand nationality. Thus, I have three nationalities but in practical terms and for all work related issues, my primary nationality is British. My views could be described as ‘Pro UK’, ‘Pro EU’, ‘Pro Transatlantic cooperation’ and ‘Pro Global free trade’

-          Over the last year, I have been an active part of the EU funded research project called Webinos. Webios is an EU funded project aiming to deliver a platform for web applications across mobile, PC, home media (TV) and in-car devices. Webinos uses Open source.

-          I have a deep understanding of Open source and Open standards and their interplay across platforms. I recognise that the terms ‘Open Source’ and ‘Open Standards’ are polymorphic (i.e. have varying meanings according to context). Nevertheless, my view leans towards Open systems both for technology and for humanity and to an inclusive technological ecosystem

-          I believe that diversity reduces risks and increases insights. I have used this principle in my thinking, writing and in the creation of the Policy bloggers network. My personal ethos leans to being a humanist and a libertarian

-          I am studying for my PhD which UCL (part time). This research involves working with White space spectrum and applications like healthcare and rural broadband. In this context, I work with Neul ( which is a pioneer in White space spectrum in Cambridge. This relationship is research based (not commercial) but philosophically, I support the idea of White Space spectrum since it opens up networks and brings innovation to the market

-          In 2009, I was nominated to the World Economic Forum’s ‘Future of the Internet’ council. I have been associated with WEF initiatives in 2009 and beyond

-          I moderate/chair Oxford University’s Next generation mobile applications panel and conduct courses at Oxford mainly in the next generation Telecoms domain. These are paid courses.

-          In 2011, I was nominated to the World Smart Capital program – which is based on Smart cities  in Amsterdam. This is commercial relationship in an advisory role.

-          I have written a number of books which include Open Mobile, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Web 2.0 and Open Gardens. These books and also books written by other authors but published by futuretext are a source of income

-          Futuretext collaborates with some key business partners who we also promote where possible (example blogs, events etc). These include: Dr Nick Allott, Tony Fish, Chetan Sharma, Tomi Ahonen and Larry Lockhart

-          I sometimes act as an advisor/mentor to masters students in Europe. Xi She from China and Priscila Grison from Brazil are the two most recent students. I also help students who I mentor with contacts, placements etc where possible

-          I am interested in understanding/meeting adults diagnosed with autism. I may talk of this issue in the OpenGardens blog, but it is a personal interest and my research does not extend to this domain

-          Finally, I am collaborating with for my latest book which involves understanding brainwave meditation. At the time of writing, this is a non-commercial relationship. Futuretext is using neurosky APIs to develop a new system

I will try and update this statement when relevant and evolve it over time. It will always be ‘a work in progress’ and will never be perfect but I will try and keep it as accurate as possible. This is a good place to find out more about ethics statements

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