A year of Webinos and more interesting times next year ..





Its been a year of Webinos and its been a great experience for us as a company

Futuretext is a publishing and research firm. Currently, Futuretext’s areas of research include: Smart cities, Open systems including ‘White space’ networks, Digital policy and the Mobile web. Webinos is relevant to many of these areas and we actively use the knowledge gained from Webinos in better understanding of tech policy. We are also using the knowledge of Webinos to further enhance our academic courses.

In addition, Futuretext is using the insights from Webinos to create a community called Nscreenvision. Nscreenvision is a community of developers who are early adopters. By creating a conversation/community around multiscreen APIs, nscreenvision aims to create an early adopter/interest community for Webinos which could be a source of initial outreach for Webinos.

Next year, besides my usual activities, I will be also involved in creating a micro PZP/PZH architecture for Arduino  in an apps for Smart cities environment - which we are very excited about :)

We are also pleased to share the experience of Webinos with others.

I spoke at the annual event of CIOnet a couple of weeks ago and I also discussed the potential of Webinos.

Frits from CIOnet was kind enough to give us this statement:

The web is a game changer, but to take it to the next level, we need to work on many problems like security and privacy. Webinos is addressing this problem and ultimately that benefits the whole industry and appeals to the CIO community’

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