Robotiq Mini-Competition Number 1 Extending Arduino using the PIC32 Arduino Platform

Andrew Eliasz

First technology transfer

Arduino – Internet of Things / Smart Objects course

Robotiq Mini-Competition Number 1
Extending Arduino using the PIC32 Arduino Platform
Description of competition:
The goal of the competition is to adapt and make use of FreeRTOS on the PIC32 Chipkit boards,
and to demonstrate its use by means of suitable sketches, including sketches demonstrating
interactive multitasking and communication and interaction with multimedia systems such as
Processing and smart devices such as Android or iOS based devices.
The first prize will be £1000 and there will be runner up prizes of £500 and £250.
The documentation, code and examples must be available under the GPL license.
Entries will be judged on a variety of categories
1. Demonstration of successful porting / adaptation
2. Use of TCP/IP e.g. Microchip’s TCP/IP stack, or an equivalent stack for the Maple board
3. Use of file systems on memory cards e.g. Microchip’s file system, or equivalent system for
the Maple board.
4. Teaching notes and tutorial on multi-tasking on the PIC32 Arduino using FreeRTOS
5. Novel applications that demonstrate the potential of the PIC32 to go beyond the kinds of
applications that can be achieved with the 8 bit Atmel AVR based Arduinos e.g. more
sophisticated robotics applications.
6. Advanced applications e.g. adapting Adam Dunkel’s IPv6 mini stack to work with the PIC32
Arduinos. or implementation of KNX and demonstration of its use in building control and
home automation. or motion planning and multi-server control of a robot arm.
The competition is sponsored by First Technology Transfer Ltd.
The competition will be judged by a team of judges drawn from FTT trainers and consultants and
Microchip Engineers.
The deadline for entries will be December 30th 2011, and winners by the end of January 2012.
Winning entries and highly commended runners up will be publishes on the Robotiq web site.
Entrants for the competition will be entitled to a 10% discount on Chipkit boards purchased via