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Digital Footprint Summit  Learnings and Insights from the Sc...

I am collaborating with Tony Fish to launch the event Digital Footprint Summit Learnings and Insights from the Screenagers  Thursday, November 03, 2011 from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (GMT)

and here are some details

Irrespective of what we call them the Screenagers, Generation Y,  millennials, digital natives or the Facebook generation; we all agree  that they are driving new digital services.   Often, in a discussion  of next generation services and privacy their voice is ignored.  Therefore, we ask: Should we teach the Screenagers or should we learn  from them?

The Digital Footprint Summit is all about social, personal and  identifiable data and will focus on first hand perspectives from those  in this generation. During the event we aim to explore what  Screenagers really think about trading their personal information and  how their attitudes will create a change for the ecosystem.

Traditional media suggests that this generation is “careless with  privacy”. We will look beyond that view. Instead of patronising and  protecting, we will seek to understand where they see as engagement,  relationship and conversation.

The keynotes and debate will focus on:

If the Facebook generation’s notion of privacy becomes the norm, what  does it mean for services?  Does sharing personal data really allow companies to serve customers better?

What the Screenages see as visionary based on their current experience  and what could happen if their data was available ?

What will they trade and what will they see as valuable?

How to implement visualisation techniques to make the use of your data  acceptable.

User interface, boundaries and what is acceptable for privacy.

By speaking to and with the generation who are living it, this  conference hopes to tease out some assumptions, views and insights and  in doing so, provide a more balanced viewpoint that will help shape  innovative, research, development and strategy.

Starting at 10.30 and wrapping up at 15.30 the conference is  structured on three, one hour panel debates, with an active audience  delivering real-time input using social media tools.  The speakers  will comprise a mixture of youth and industry, the conference hopes to  provide a unique and practical perspective on the privacy and move the  services debate forward.

Panel 1 : Mutliscreen world  Attention : What learning can we gain from real users ?  Control : Who controls who in a multi-screen world?  Value: What is the Social exchange?  Influence : Who determines it and what will be the impact?

Panel 2:  Is there a privacy gap? Protection : Is the issue about Law or User Interface?  Understanding : Does anyone actually understand what is at stake?  Design: Where is the right place to start with privacy?  Desire : When does need out-weight risk?

Panel 3:  Screenagers come to work  Learning : What have you learnt that adds value to the work place?  Expectation : How do you expected to be treated?  Payment : What exactly am I being paid to do?  Ambassador : Do you own my entire life?

Digital Footprint Summit