comparison of secure elements

On wednesday I am speaking at the Sim alliance event in Berlin ..

After a long time of discussing NFC there is a lot of optimism .. but today we have a situation that rather than the market not evolvoing at all .. it is taking off in (at least) 3 directions ..

SIM(Operators), handset vendors(including Google) and Credit card companies

see this link from the Register about the issue

Essentially NFC can develop for interactions(the easier use case) and / or transactions

If for transactions, then you need a ‘secure element’

There are three ways to manage the secure element

a)  Micro SD

b)  SIM and

c)  embedded(on device)

I am looking for the pros and cons of each

For ex – one may argue that the SIM would mean giving control to Operator but it also means that credientials are mainatined across handsets (assuming you want to remain with operator)

I dont know much about the embedded space ie who is doing it(Intel?) any device vendors(other than apple)

There is also a wider issue of trusted service manager

So my qs is:

a)  Given the consideration of NFC for transactions(and granted that its not the first use case), what are the pros and cons of the approaches?

b)  I know least about the ‘embedded’ approach. any comments on that welcome

kind rgds