The Mobile Web influencers list

Earlier this year, I asked if 2011 was the year of the Mobile Web and following that I announced a few weeks ago that I was compiling a curated list of Mobile Web influencers (The Mobile Web influencers list – the background). This list took a while to create, but finally here it is! I would like to thank Daniel Appelquist @torgo for his help with the list

Some notes

1) This is a curated list. I have tried to keep it purist in terms of a Web agenda. See my views about the Mobile Web from the links above.

2) The balance between companies and individuals was not easy. Where possible, I have tried to include individuals rather than companies.

3) Similarly, the inclusion of consortia and bodies was a separate category.

4)  Finally, I added some people who I personally thought were influencers to my thinking plus especially for the future (for instance @webofthings)

We will also have interviews – and the first one from Dan below

Many thanks for all the help and I hope you find it useful

You can follow the list at - twitter list for Mobile Web Influencers and on peerindex list of mobile web influencers

The list below and following it is the interview from Dan

Mobile Web Influencers – People

@ppk Peter-Paul Koch

@ppk Amsterdam, Netherlands
Mobile platform strategist | consultant | writer | conference
organiser and speaker | blogger | trainer | browser compatibility

@firt Maximiliano Firtman

@firt Argentina
Mobile & web developer. Author, Speaker, Trainer. Forum Nokia Champion and Adobe Community Champion. Author of Programming the Mobile Web, from O’Reilly. HSS.

@twhume Tom Hume

@twhume Brighton, UK
Brighton Mobile Scrum UX Agile Aikido

@torgo Daniel Appelquist

@torgo London
American expat; Londoner; Vodafone R&Der; @W3C Web/Social standards, @OneSocialWeb; @MoMoLondon, @overtheair, founder; speaker; writer.

@mtrends Rudy De Waele

@mtrends iPhone: 41.401575,2.166520
Entrepreneur, Mobile Strategist, Business Angel, Speaker. Co-founder, AppCircus, Mobile Premier Awards, Mobile 2.0 Europe, MobileMonday Spain

@kiwanja Ken Banks

@kiwanja Currently Aspen, Colorado
Mobile technologist. Anthropologist. Conservationist. Tech Awards Laureate 2009. National Geographic 2010 Emerging Explorer. Founder: @FrontlineSMS

@russellbuckley Russell Buckley

@russellbuckley Munich and London
A mobsesssive, a blogger, a writer and seeker of the New New

@eortiz Enrique Ortiz

@eortiz Austin, Texas
Mobilist — for fun and profit: strategy, software, author.

@jamespearce James Pearce

@jamespearce US, Belize, India, Ireland, UK
DevRel @ Sencha. And living the mobile dream.

@bryanrieger Bryan Rieger

@bryanrieger Edinburgh, UK
design, devices and distractions… EDI, LHR, BKK

@lukew Luke Wroblewski

@lukew Silicon Valley, CA + the Web
Digital product design & strategy guy in Silicon Valley, CA. Author of Web Form Design & Site Seeing. Currently CPO and co-founder of Bagcheck.

@grigs Jason Grigsby

@grigs Portland, Oregon
Portland, Oregon
Mobile Web Strategist, Co-Founder of and, Co-Author of Head First Mobile Web available Winter 2011

@hollobit Jonathan Jeon

@hollobit Daejeon, Korea
관심사 – Mobile 2.0, mobileOK, Mobile Services, Augmented Reality, Social Web & Future Web, Web Application & Web App Store, Web Standardization, W3C/OMA/ITU-T

@jorabin Jo Rabin

@jorabin London

@yeswap Dennis Bournique,

@yeswap San Francisco
Mobile web blogger

@edent Terence Eden

@edent London
I make the interwebs go mobiletastic. I’m a long haired geek: Dr Who, Star Wars, Ubuntu. Developer for @Dabr @wpmp. All tweets ©

@jeffsonstein Jeff Sonstein

@jeffsonstein Rochester, NY 14620
IT prof @ RIT, mobile tech junkie, old hacker.

@robinberjon Robin Berjon

@robinberjon Paris
Standards, Politics 2.0, at times Vociferous Hired Gun

@stephanierieger Stephanie Rieger

@stephanierieger Edinburgh/London/Bangkok
Mobile web, UX, technical writing, design, books. Mostly based in Edinburgh.

@ricmacnz Richard MacManus

@ricmacnz Petone, New Zealand
Founder & Co-Editor of This is Richard’s personal Twitter a/c. You can also follow the professional Richard (and his team mates) @RWW.

@sarahintampa Sarah Perez

@sarahintampa Tampa, FL
Writer for tech news site, syndicated by NYT, obsessed with mobile. Google Voice: (813) 377-2545 / Email: sarah AT readwriteweb DOT com

@brianleroux xnoɹǝʃ uɐıɹq

@brianleroux iPhone: 49.276150,-123.126800
I’m a free/open source software developer at Nitobi working on top secret things and not so secret things like PhoneGap, XUI, Lawnchair and WTFJS.

@fling Brian Fling

@fling Seattle, USA
creative director at @pinchzoom, author of @oreillymedia Mobile Design & Development, father of @pennyfling

@miker Mike Rowehl

@miker San Francisco, CA
16th level Hacker

@AjitJaokar Ajit Jaokar


@beep Ethan Marcotte

@beep Cambridge, MA
Designer, developer. Started that whole “responsive web design” thing. “Eight? Who taught you math?”

@adactio Jeremy Keith

@adactio Brighton, East Sussex, England
An Irish web developer living and working in Brighton, England.

@scottjehl Scott Jehl

@scottjehl Boston
Web designer. Filament Grouper. jQuery Mobiler. Co-author of Designing with Progressive Enhancement. Reluctantly tweeting a bit more lately…

@scottjenson Scott Jenson

@scottjenson Palo Alto, CA
Creative Director, frog design (ex-Apple/Symbian/Google)

dalmaer Dion Almaer

Dion Almaer
Dion Almaer technologist and human dev aggregator
robinjewsbury Robin Jewsbury
Robin Jewsbury
robinjewsbury Robin Jewsbury Make your own mobile apps from your own content at, no tech knowledge required-works on most phones. Robin is the founder of
London Web Standards
webstandards London Web Standards Monthly London meetup for people who are passionate about the web. Check our site for videos from our events, and details of the next meetup.
brucel bruce lawson
bruce lawson

brucel bruce lawson Opera web evangelist (but tweets are personal, not Opera); co-author of Introducing HTML5; web standards lovegod. Guinness-drinking, kickboxing poetry freak.

@dontcallmedom Dom Hazael-Massieux

Dom Hazael-Massieux

W3C Staff, French, working on new gen of Web technologies and doing Software development; co-author of “Relever le défi du Web mobile”

@nallott Nick Allott
Nick Allott
Technologist and Strategist. Things I am/have been involved in: webinos, W3C, WAC, BONDI, fastmobile. Specialisms: Venture capital, open source, IPR standards

Companies and Organizations

@EricssonLabs Tor Bjorn Minde

@EricssonLabs Sweden
Open Innovation, APIs, new tech, mobile apps, content, communication, maps, 3D, location, NFC, sensors, web tech, html5, graphics, machine learning, security

@w3c W3C Team

@w3c MIT | ERCIM | Keio University
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) develops interoperable technologies (specifications, guidelines, software, and tools) to lead the Web to its full potential.

@webinosproject Webinos project

Webinos @webinosproject
An EU-funded project aiming to deliver an open source platform for web applications across mobile, PC, home media (TV/set-top boxes) and in-car devices.


Web Foundation
@webfoundation Boston, MA, USA
Advance the Web to empower people. Learn more and find out how to get involved!

Web of things

Web of things blog


Interview with Dan Appelquist @torgo

1) What do you think is the biggest reason you are optimistic about the mobile web?

I’m optimistic about the mobile Web because it’s going away. What I mean by that is The mobile Web is now ubiquitous and it’s mass market. If you take into account emerging form factors such as tablets, then it’s fast becoming true that the Mobile Web is just becoming the Web.

2) Which web technologies are you optimistic about?

I am bullish on device APIs these days. I’m very excited about the w3c geolocation API that we had a hand in. Geolocation in the browser was first released on the mobile and (predictably) has had a huge impact on mobile Web applications, particularly social applications. The geolocation API success story now needs to be replicated for other APIs – accelerometer, camera, calendar, etc… This work is going on in W3C right now and hopefully will bear fruit soon. It’s all about making the Web a richer platform for developing applications and creating great user experiences.

3) Who, in your view, is a thought leader for the mobile web?

I think the Mobile Web has a number of great thought leaders and I’ve suggested many of them for your list. The nature of the Web is that it is multi-polar and so you cannot really point to one person who has led the way in the Mobile Web space. I do think @jamespearce deserves some special respect for being a participant in and follower of standards (particularly the W3C work on Mobile Web Best Practices) and putting that into action through real-world coding projects that have made a huge impact on the experience of the mobile Web (such as the WordPress Mobile Pack).

4) What does the mobile web lack and how is that gap being bridged?

Tools. Tools. Tools. We need more high-quality tools for Web developers and designers that fit the mobile platform and allow developers to use progressive enhancement and “mobile first” design techniques more easily.

5) Which areas/domains will the mobile web extend to in the near future?

Device APIs is the big growth area right now. We’ve already seen how the (w3C) geolocation API has transformed the use of location on the Web with social applications like Twitter and Facebook being the most aggressive adopters. Emerging device APIs will allow access to the camera, device data (such as address book contacts but also things like roaming status), and other sensors such as accelerometer. This will open up new opportunities for Web developers to create more immersive experiences that leverage the rich capabilities of mobile devices.

6) What is the biggest gap/concern for developers(wrt mobile web)

Discoverability and monetization of mobile Web applications is a big concern. Right now developers rightly perceive that putting their applications into app stores, promoting them and selling them through these app stores is their best route to customers and revenue. Advertising platforms for mobile Web apps are not mature enough yet. The mobile Web does not have the equivalent of an App store. These issues need to be addressed if the mobile Web platform is going to thrive. Part of the problem is inconsistency in how these Web apps are presented to consumers. Web developers need to be consistent about applying the “thematic consistency” principle that we developed in the Mobile Web Best Practices group. This principle is as relevant today as it was five years ago when we developed it. Web sites should adapt the presentation of content appropriately to the device.

You can find those mobile Web best practices at along with the more recently developed
“Mobile Web Application Best Practices” (useful for targeting more advanced
mobile browsers):


  1. It’s a shame how the Middle East and Africa have been overlooked from this list. Anybody who’s anybody in the industry will know of the explosive growth in MEA and not overlook key players in the area where mobile web traffic exceeds fixed Internet.

    Fayez Abu Awad

  2. ajit says:

    Hi Fayez
    Thanks for this comment. I see this as an evolving list. Can you suggest who are the thought leaders? see the list ie looking for the web perspective, open standards etc etc. kind rgds Ajit

  3. Ben Howdle says:

    Where are

  4. Ajit, this is a great list but it is disappointing to see so few women. We may still be a small minority (sadly) in the mobile industry but we’re a growing and vocal one. Maria Mandel of AT&T, Emily Turrettini of Textually, Peggy Anne Salz of mSearch Groove and Helen Keegan from musings of a mobile marketer all would be excellent additions to the list.

  5. ajit says:

    thanks for your comments. the list was created in a specific way. ie when I started creating this list, I was focussed on creating a list of purist mobile web influencers. (I articulated it in my link in the same post)

    As a result of that approach, the list is admittedly more technical and also more geared to people who have been driving web standards in some way.

    I did include some people like Rudy but for his work on Africa.

    So, the list(and its limitations) is a byproduct of my approach ..

    hope that helps! thanks for your comments!