The mexican standoff between the FT and Apple ..

The Guardian says that Apple and the FT are in a Mexican standoff ..

I am covering this issue in my keynote at the econsultancy The Future of Digital Marketing 2011 in London next week

The issue is more than the ‘mexican standoff’ between two companies but impacts the future of mobile apps and development

As you can gather, I am a firm believer in the Mobile Web and I asked if 2011 was the year of the Mobile Web.

In that post, we argued that the Mobile Web has a specific meaning in terms of Open standards and in the medium to long term, open will prevail (in the short term – always the proprietary platforms will prevail)

In a nutshell, there is always a narrow window of opportunity for proprietary platforms but increasingly that window narrows down very fast when it comes to the Web

Also, the strategies for competing in an open era are quite different from that of closed(which is mainly the point of my keynote – ie how to balance the two using strategies like Phonegap build )

So, if we break this down – the leverage for a platform like Apple is:

1)  Discovery(especially client side discovery)

2) Monetization

3) Overall customer experience

4)  Aura/brand premium

5)  Performance

6)  DRM and

7)  Device optimization

Against this, Apple wants more revenue and wants to maintain the customer relationship – hence the Mexican standoff ..

So, the crux of the argument is is: how do the above 7 benefits of Apple stack up in the future? especially for content companies

Should be an interesting discussion ..

So, if I were to extend my chain of thought further

1)  Can content achieve the above and where are the gaps?

2)  What does content gain from Open systems? – What is the trade off between the two

3)  What does it mean when content spans platforms(web – mobile – tv – even automotive?)

4)  What are the implications for content – device decoupling(ex the kindle is optimised for reading books – hence the device is tightly coupled to content)

5)  What are the implications for tablets and OS platforms on tablets?

6) Can write once – run anywhere really work?

7) future of content and future of apps ex 17 iPhone apps that may be #RIP thanks to iOS 5 by @HilzFuld

what else?

like I said, should be an interesting discussion ..

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Image source: My favourite example of a mexican standoff in a movie –  The Good bad and the ugly