Realtime Report – impressions and insights

It was a pleasure to attend the The Realtime Report’s Realtime NY 11 conference at the B B King Blues Club & Grill in Times Square, New York .

I announced my latest book (Meditation in the Age of Facebook and Twitter – meditation as a transhumanist technology) at this event ( a separate blog on that later) but this blog is about the Realtime Report event itself.

Why was the RealTime Report event significant?

I arrived in NY on Saturday and by chance stumbled upon an interview of lady gaga by Anderson cooper on TV. I am not a lady gaga fan (but do watch Anderson cooper). However, I am intrigued by her success .. And so I watched on. The interview brought out some interesting facts about Lady Gaga, most important takeaway for me was that:  Lady Gaga is a very astute student of ‘fame’ as she calls it herselves i.e. she studies in great detail how people have become famous. That phrase ‘student of fame’ was echoed the next Monday at the Realtime Report event i.e. what I feel is – if you run a business today – you have to be an astute student of social media success/fame to make a difference. While not ALL marketing will be social media marketing, certainly a very large portion of it will be very soon (and increasingly realtime). Besides my book launch, the desire to be a student of social media was an important motivation to attend this event. And the event did not disappoint ..

There are social media experts and then there are the REAL social media experts

There was a time not so long ago when everybody was a social media expert. Today, the phrase has matured specifically in three areas of differentiators:

1)     Integration: ex linking blogs to Facebook and many other cross connections between blogs, twitter, Facebook, foursquare, mobile etc

2)     Analytics/numbers – the ability to track social media results in detail and

3)     Real life experience.

So, here are some key insights which depict these trends:

@tmendelsohn Eventbrite: When one person shares an Eventbrite event on Facebook, it yields an average of $2.52 in ticket sales.

@adriandparker Radioshack – there is only a two week window between the times people announce on social media that they are looking for a phone – to the time when they say ‘I like my new phone’. If you lose them in those two weeks then you have lost them for another two years. I found this insight fascinating ..

@shivsingh Pepsico – “the realtime is important, but so is the timeless”

@Pistachio‘s reminder of @jeffjarvis‘ quote, “Do what you do best and link to the rest.”

Loved @Bravotv session – especially the concept of ‘co-viewing apps’ – Twitter on TV: Will Integrating Realtime Content Get Big Ratings? – but could not attend it fully since had to prepare for my own session.

@steverappaport’s new book Listen first Listen First!: Turning Social Media Conversations Into Business Advantage

@blogbrevity Angela Dunn session Curating Content on Twitter for Thought Leadership was excellent @profnet posted an excellent review of the session at

In keeping with my view of being a student of real time/social media I signed up to the paid newsletter from @blogbrevity which you can find at THOUGHT-LEADER

Here are some of the people whose ideas I found interesting .. @shivsingh Pepsico, @Bravotv Lisa Hsia, @adriandparker Radioshack, @RandallB3 Gatarode, @frankeliason Citibank, @rdublife Mcdonalds, @NHLdilo NHL, @tmendelsohn Eventbrite, @NuyoricanPoets Nuyorican Poets Café, @blogbrevity Angela Dunn, @tonia_ries Tonia Ries

I also met @sheconsulting who I had some fascinating converstions with

It was also nice to meet Pattie Simone who runs a network called WomenCentric – a global directory/personal advertising platform for savvy women worldwide. They have big ambitions and are looking for funding

Some concluding thoughts:

@adriandparker : I’ve learned more than I’ve talked. The mark of a great conference.

I also think a phrase mentioned by Tonia Ries @tonia_ries was worth thinking of: A number of times, she spoke of the event as ‘a community’ – and that’s the magic of the show .. it is more than an event but an ongoing community of some very savvy people in the social media/real time media space.

I had to catch a flight to France in the evening so had to leave earlier but it was great to be there!

Had it not been for WiFi issues, the event would have trended on twitter .. significant feat considering WWDC was at the same time ..

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  1. Interesting observations all, Ajit! This is my third TWTRCON/Realtime Report event and I found the content/remarks/panels to be top-level & thought provoking. If you are a serious marketer – no matter where you call home – early adoption of new technologies is key, especially using real time engagement, tracking and service channels/tools/apps. As @VictoriaHarres from PR Newswire said in a video interview; those companies NOT taking this new media/real time ‘revolution’ seriously will spend lots of time/$$ playing catch up. Check out all the #RLTM reports I filmed @ – thus far includes @RagyThomas, Allison Ausband @DeltaAssist and OpenInvo, others – @adriandparker, @victoriaharris, @SchneiderMike, @Corcoran_Group, @blogbrevity and of course @ajitjoakar – will be posted next week!

  2. ajit says:

    thanks Pattie! It was great to meet the mum and daughter team :) look fwd to your posts and reports!