Is the future of ‘mobile’ voice – fixed??

Is the future of ‘mobile’ voice – fixed??

Let us see the underlying trend behind three announcements/posts

1) Yesterday, the Pew Research Finds Popularity of Internet Phone Calls Has Jumped Dramatically

Specifically, The survey found that almost a quarter of American adult Internet users (24%) have placed a phone call online. That’s 19% of all American adults.
But even if the mention of Skype triggered a more affirmative response than in previous surveys, there’s little doubt that placing phone calls over the Internet has become more popular. Pew points to several reasons why this is the case: “It is free or cheaper than other types of phone calling; it is enabled on many handheld devices like smartphones and tablet computers; more and more meetings and classroom activities exploit online phone connections along with video capabilities; and more families and friends are building online calls into their communications streams.”

2) Over time, Operators have been abandoning fixed rate prices and telling customers to go to fixed line networks to download video etc. The fixed line networks, especially Sky + Cloud, and Virgin have been making WiFi investments. Apple supports WiFi. So, fixed networks now have the attention and the capacity (through Wifi)

3) Combine this with the idea from a previous post Have mobile operators lost their voice which pertains to the lack of IP level interconnect

Then we could argue that .. the future of mobile voice could be fixed especially if fixed line players use the wifi networks to provide VOIP services and mobile telcos keep pushing away customers towards them and there is no IP level interconnect for Mobile for 4G


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