MSFT acquires Skype – Are we seeing a new type of IP based Telecom Operator?

MSFT acquires Skype -

Are we seeing a new type of Telecom Operator (MSFT + Nokia + Skype) = Internet + Devices + next generation IP comms?

same as

Google + Android + Google Voice

I think so .. and thats indeed exciting and a game changer

This could lead to a deeper alignment, more acquisitions and more pressure on existing Operators to innovate

All good for customers


  1. My first reaction: I was terrified.

    Generally I get terrified when I have to make a big change, for example, dump carrier 1 and move to carrier 2 or shift to a new ditital TV provider thus leaving behind all the comfort of provider 1 and moving into the unknown.

    So basically this felt so close to reality that my subconcious told me that I would have to shift to a new type of operator and thus the reaction.

    Excellent prediction Ajit, I strongly believe it’ll happen (unless powers that be force it not to using govt policy).