Does net neutrality apply to machine to machine communications?

Does net neutrality apply to machine to machine communications?

I am exploring this for a talk at LTE summit in Amsterdam next week

In a nutshell

Net neutrality = all packets are created (commercially) equal

It matters because networks are about communication and innovation shifts to the edge of the network

However, this innovation is driven by people(who are at the edge of the network)

So, in a M2M(vs a P2P scenario), there are no ‘people at the edge’ to innovate

Furthermore, network traffic is predictable

Machines don’t want to talk more than what they are designed to

When they do communicate, they often need network level QOS

So, does net neutrality apply to M2M networks?


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  1. Dean Bubley says:

    Net Neutrality only applies to *Internet* data packets. Most M2M traffic goes nowhere near the Internet – certainly “logically” in terms of segregation on network access links, and quite possibly physically distinct in terms of separate accesses.

    Also important to realise that M2M covers a very broad spectrum of devices & connection mechanisms – from burglar alarms sending an SMS once a year, to CCTV streaming realtime video on the uplink. Some M2M will be based on GPRS cellular, other on 3G or LTE, some will be WiFi or Zigbee to a fixed-line. Some will have dedicated UHF/VHF or satellite connections.

    Quite a lot of the policy management vendors are looking at the needs of different classes of M2M product already.


  2. Nadeem says:

    I tend to feel that even the M2M world, not all packets are created equal. M2M data for a surveillance system may be treated differently than other types of data, even though both may be using the same radio link.

  3. ajit says:

    thanks Dean, Nadeem
    very insightful comments
    As per my twitter comments, I agree that we are in a situation of 100 niches but I expect that over time, M2M/IOT will migrate to the IP network

    two links from my twitter comments
    thanks for insightful comments!
    kind rgds