Could voicemail be the future of voice?

Still thinking of the MSFT-skype acquisition .. and its impact for voice ..

From my own experience, my phone is always on ‘silent’

i.e. I do not receive calls

All calls go to the voicemail (unless I see who it is and want to pick it up)

However, I do like asynchronous voice: i.e. the ability to call and leave a voicemail

Now, suppose as IP phones become popular, and phone came with a ‘voicemail’ button

This would allow me to directly ‘send a voicemail’ using a single button

I would like to receive such mail as well since it does not disturb me and it often saves writing a longish email.

Telcos wont introduce this because they fear cannibalization of voice

But customers may want it(at least I can see value in it!)

Now, here is the interesting part .. VOIP needs QOS
For that matter, any session based communication needs QOS
but voicemail may not!
and therein lies it’s significance

If you want to pay for good quality voice, you use the ‘normal’ calling feature

But most voice communication may fall outside this remit and thus voicemail could well not be an extra feature but the main service ..

But still I think it is an innovation which could come from Google or MSFT but not from Operators ..

could be wrong but there is a precedence here .. Visual voicemail is a feature customers love .. but the industry never implemented it until the iPhone came along .. so this may not be so far fetched after all!

Image source: mobisite


  1. James Barnes says:

    You’re not wrong – voice messaging might be a useful feature, some even believe a service in its own right. Here’s one that launched just recently:

  2. MattocG says:

    Voicemail could certainly be the way forward!